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Standalone Autoloading CD, DVD and Blu-ray Duplicators from Solstice-inc Technologies

The Solstice Technologies has DVD Duplicator which Built-In Hard Drive is a high-speed, stand-alone recording system with the ability to connect to any PC within a given network. Network connectivity allows any user on the network to transfer files directly to the duplicator’s internal hard drive as opposed to having to burn a master disc and then loading it manually. Additionally, network connectivity allows a company to keep the duplicator in a secure environment where only authorized personnel can access it, preventing employees from being able to make unauthorized copies of sensitive or confidential material.

Solstice Technologies is an innovator in CD and DVD production publishing and printing equipment. From economical desktop solutions to high-volume production solutions, Solstice offers over 500 products to fit every need. Solstice allows you to take control of your media creation and distribution needs by moving it in-house, to get a job done quickly and cost effectively.

Innovation is at the core of our success. Our product line proves this. Our high quality CD Publishers, DVD duplicators, USB Copiers, Pro DVD CD Data Rippers and Live Event Recorder products are all respective industry leaders. If you have an automated digital solution need, you will find the answer at MF Digital.

The 24x burn speeds and SATA interface makes it one of the fastest DVD duplicators on the market today! Insert a master DVD or CD and a blank disk to make copies at the touch of a button, it’s that easy! Or save images of the source disc (CD or DVD) to the 500GB hard drive to copy at any time.

The Solstice Technologies manufactures DVD Duplicators with Built-In Hard Drive is also compatible with CD, VCD, ISRC and more, allowing you to have every major format at your disposal while creating your own DVDs! You can also insert multiple audio CDs and pick and choose tracks to copy, making custom CDs faster and easier! The Kanguru DVD Duplicator can also be connected to any PC through a USB port for custom burning.

Get an excellent quality CD printer from Solstice Technologies at affordable prices. WeOffer a complete solution for every optical disc need, including on-demand publishing and duplication systems for software a leading supplier Solstice Technologies offers highest quality of blu-ray publisher at reasonable prices. Explore our site and get a complete solution for best product, including on-demand publishing and duplication system.

As an added benefit the Solstice Technologies DVD Duplicator with Built-In Hard Drive comes with Copy Lock, powerful anti-ripping, anti-burning software that protects your DVD videos from unauthorized duplication.

Contact Solstice Technologies at 1-866-357-4321 to purchase professional quality DVD publisher at discount prices. We offer solutions for product on demand, one off, forensic and high volume needs for your home.