Hd-dvd Technology: An Overview

The technological term HD DVD is clearly an extension of the standard DVD plan. It is a much better option and a higher quality display. It is currently the closest thing to the most recent DVD format called the Blu-ray discs (BD). And yes, the HD stands for High Definition!

The HD DVD is patterned after is predecessor, the standard DVD. Both are designed from similar underlying technologies. It is known to store up to three times the regular storage capacity of the DVD. The standard DVD can only store up to 4.7 GB while the HD DVD can store as much as 15 GB per layer!

This technology was mutually developed by NEC and Toshiba. HD DVD the abbreviated term for High Definition Digital Versatile Disc was previously known as Advanced Optical Disc or the AOD. Last November of 2003, the international organization that is composed of software, hardware, and media that is the dominant developer of the DVD and HD DVD technologies called the DVD forum voted to support the HD as the successor of DVD.

This High Definition DVD is currently the in the latest format war with its closest rival the Blu-ray. The present specs for the HD DVD-Rewritable and HD DVD-ROM is version 1.0. However, the specification for HD DVD-R is now at 0.9, while the HD-DVD RAM is not yet fully established. The first HD DVD recorders were recently released in Japan, whilst the HD DVD-ROMs were released last 2006.

You already know that this type of format can store up to 15 GB in a single layer. For every additional layer, another 15 GB will be available. You might be wondering what the real reason behind this dramatic increase in capacity size is. The ground for this drastic increase in capacity is simply because an HD transmission will need a lot more space than a normal DVD stream.

Although the release and the usage of the HD DVD has been formalized, technological engineers continue to work for a more advanced technology. In fact at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Toshiba proudly announced that they have recently developed an HD DVD with 17 GB layers, and a subsequent demonstration of a triple-layer 51 GB disc.
HD DVD is only one amongst t the thousands of manifestation of technological advancements. It may be one of the most highly developed formats of today. But you?ll never know what the future has in store for all of us.

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